Social media provides unprecedented opportunities to reach our audiences and build relationships. Almost 90% of Australian internet users have social media profiles and more than 60% use them daily.

Some of the most effective slots are the ones that happen at the top and tail of ad breaks. Running right before viewers leave the room, or as soon as they come back, these ads are likely to reach a wider, more engaged audience.

Sponsorship slots are bought and managed differently than standard TV ads. While they are bought in advance, sponsorship deals can lock brands and shows in for several years before contracts come up for review. The length of the partnership varies, often depending on its intended outcome, which may be to launch a brand, establish authority or drive response and engagement.

We Help Your Brand Heard Out There!

A perfect blend of expertise and technology make your brand perfect for international audiences. We also understand the taste for watchers and create awesome video contents that support multiple platforms.


Priya Varrier

Marketing Manager, BRD Events

I am overwhelmed by the response we got after launching the marketing campaign in association with M4 TV. All thanks to Shyama for understanding our requirements and creating a marketing strategy for us within the limited timeframe. You people are the best and we love you guys.

Ajay Singhal

Managing Partner, NEWD

Thank you Sajeev for the superfast live streaming service you set up for us. The event got much wider viewership than we expected and you people helped us to make our event a huge success. You have become the go to guys for all our live streaming needs and keep up the good work.

Audrey Fleming

CEO, Polsite Labs

Mr.Sajeev is a man of multiple talents. He made the video shoot look so easy and completed the whole thing within a couple of days. I am happy with what they have done for me and I recommend M4 to everyone looking for video production service in Melbourne. .