Privacy Policy


M4TV owned and operated by M4 Media Group Pty Ltd is an incorporated company under the Corporation Act Australia.

1). Users of M4 TV must be aware of how M4TV obtains, uses, and discloses information about them. M4TV is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of visitors to its website, as well as any associated websites and software applications that it makes available. The "Services" refer to the Material, Programs, or Apps that M4 TV occasionally makes available in connection with its operations.

2). Whether a user registers with the website, accesses the website, performs any action thereon, or uses or accesses the services, personal information, sensitive information, or other information about the user is gathered. The information available on or via these Apps, as well as any or all of the M4 TV Services, are subject to the provisions of this Privacy Policy, which are stated here. When you use the services provided by the Application, it is assumed that you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and that we may collect, store, process, and transfer your Personal Information, Sensitive Information, and Information in accordance with those terms.

3). M4 TV reserves the right, at its discretion to change, modify, add or remove portions of this Privacy Policy at any time.

4). All users, including both those who use the Services as "Guest" or "Visitors" and those who have registered with or subscribed to Services, are subject to the terms of the Privacy Policy. Do not use M4 Tv or any of the services offered on M4 Tv, and do not give us any of your information, if you do not agree with this Privacy Policy in whole or in part at any time.

5). Collection and use of Personal Information We Collect the information directly provided by you, capture details based on your usage, also collect data through cookies.

6). The information collected could be following:

  • a). We collect your International Mobile Equipment Identification Number when you download the software to your mobile device.
  • b). If you choose to become a registered User, you must submit your email address or mobile phone number. You must also enter a password that you have created.
  • c). If you want, you can provide your first and last name as well as upload your profile picture when creating a user id.
  • d). We use the Application to gather information on usage patterns, other online activity that can be tracked, content or advertisements watched, etc. in order to better serve you and deliver a great viewing experience.
  • e). We record information about the Computer System or Computer Network that You use to access the Website and engage in any activity on the Website, such as a unique device identifier, user behaviour from web-based cookies, session identifiers from device id, commercially available services, and platforms for data aggregators.
  • f). In order to identify your type of device, connect to the Website, enable data exchange with you and your device, and ensure convenient use of the Website, we also collect information about your IP address, operating system, network, location, browser type, version, configuration, and name of internet service provider. The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and IP address of the website, along with the date and time, from which you accessed or were redirected to our Website.
  • g). Subpages accessed while on our Website, links followed on the Website, as well as the date and time.
  • h). We also record your interactions with our Application so that we can assist you in watching the same content across devices. As a result, will capture the spots in the video till you watched, skipped, etc.
  • i). Service request placed.
  • j). Transaction history, including open and completed transactions.
  • k). Search terms entered.
  • l). Viewed or searched for content, services, or items on the Website.
  • m). Survey responses, reviews, ratings, and other forms of feedback were submitted.
  • n). Any information shared on the website's social communities or in any other way communicated with the platform or other users, as well as chat messages and chat transcripts, can be found in the content of any communications sent through the website.

7). Your personal information gathered through our Services may be used to tailor and target advertisements that are shown to you when you use our Services and elsewhere based on your interests and preferences. See "Third Party Websites, Social Media, and Advertisers" and "Your Opt-Out Options" below for additional details on advertising, your rights, and available options.

8. We collect personal data, which is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

  • a). Subscribe to one of our Services.
  • b). Download and register to use one of our Apps or other Services.
  • c). Subscribe to one of our online newsletters, or register to participate in an online forum or community.
  • d). Submit content to us.
  • e). Enter into a contest.
  • f). Respond to one of our polls or surveys; or
  • g). Contact our customer service department with an enquiry, comment or suggestion.
Disclosure of Personal Data

Except as otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy or in any explicit notice provided to you when we receive personal data from you, we will not divulge, rent, sell, or otherwise transfer your personal data without your agreement.

Legal: In response to a search warrant or other legally legitimate inquiry or order, or to an investigative body in the event of a contract breach or legal violation, or as otherwise required by law, we may be forced to reveal your personal data. We may also divulge personal information where it's necessary to establish, exercise, or defend legal claims, to safeguard the rights, property, or safety of us or third parties, or to enforce the terms of our agreement.

M4TV implements commercially reasonable or feasible security practises, procedures, security methods, and security technology to secure your personal information or information.

Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that the internet is totally secure. After we obtain your information, we put procedures and security measures in place that are commercially reasonable in an effort to prevent unauthorised access. You acknowledge the inherent security risks associated with sending data over the internet, and you agree not to hold M4TV accountable for any security lapses or the leak of Personal Information unless M4TV has been flagrantly and intentionally negligent.

Changes to this Privacy Policy:

To reflect changes to our practises regarding personal data, this privacy statement may be modified from time to time. Unless you otherwise specify your choices, we will handle your personal information in line with the privacy policy in effect at the time the information is collected. Every time you use our services, we urge you to check to see if the policy has been changed.