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Video Production

Any new brand needs an eye-catching introduction in front of the analytical customers. For a new product in the market, a perfect way to make your brand noticeable is through the promotional videos. What we sell here is your business value and what you gain is the bottom line. For existing brands, promotional videos are the new tactics of enticing potential customers back into your business. M4 production house is an innovative hub famed for delivering compelling promotional videos for diverse products and services.

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Pre Production

  • Discovery

  • Concepting

  • Storyboarding

  • Writing, Casting

  • Locations

  • Creative Brief

  • Budgeting


  • Directing

  • Technical Direction

  • Creative Direction

  • Client Services

  • Shooting

Post Production

  • Editing, Design

  • Animation

  • Compositing

  • VFX

  • Compression


  • Online Strategy

  • Social Media

  • Video Distribution

  • Audience Reach


We know how to take your brand message and turn it into a visually captivating experience. Our explanatory videos help convey your idea in the quickest possible ways. In today’s fast-paced environment it isn’t enough to just have a website and a logo. Brands need to be in motion. Motion forms the soul of a brand and conveys its story and ideas like no other medium can.

Why wait? Contact us to get your brand in motion.

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m4 animation
m4 Photography


Corporate photos are a powerful representation of your business. It reflects your image, and brand values. Our team actively gets to know your goals and your vision for your business before we create corporate headshots, profile images, group photos, website images that will delight your staff and impress your peers and customers. We also take care to capture perfect moments from those functions, events and award nights hosted by your company and put them together in the form of impressive corporate photos.

If you’re looking for a photographer that can help you make an impression on your customers and stand out amongst your competitors. Call us today to book a consultation with our corporate photo team.

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Digital Design

Digital Design is all about perfect balance between two essential elements – form and function. A good design is the foundation to achieve higher conversions because it boosts visits, amplifies retention rates and makes the product friendlier for search engines. The look and feel of your digital design must reflect a character your audience can resonate with. Our team has ample experience in designing everything from old-school print media, websites, e-stores, mobile apps and software. With full social integration, multi-device and multi-environment portfolio.

Get in touch with us to see a few of our works pertaining to your industry. In over 10 years, we’ve seen and worked at the forefront of most industries and categories.

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m4 digital-design
m4 copywriting

Copywriting & Editing

Writing content for your business is a vital task. It is the "voice" of your business and it will usually be the primary method by which your business communicates with your customers. Poorly written content can drive business away while compelling content can increase business. Whether you need something from scratch or you need someone to revise your existing work, our team can provide you with business-building content that is accurate, and most importantly engaging for your audience.

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M4 Tv channel the world's most diverse and welcoming story of Australia, celebrate the stories of art, culture, togetherness, reality shows, community news with a fresh aspect and feel.

Content Research

Monitoring & Management

Publishing & Distribution

Performance Reporting


A perfect blend of expertise and technology make your brand perfect for international audiences. We also understand the taste for watchers and create awesome video contents that support multiple platforms.

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